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Sunday, February 12, 2023

FAKE NEWS: Reports of Disney dropping Mickey Mouse mascot and replacing it with figment has been debunked

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Reports of Disney dropping Mickey Mouse mascot and replacing it with figment has been debunked.

Mouse Trap News on TikTok jokingly reported on Feb. 9 that Disney’s famous mascot would be replaced by Figment the Dragon (The name of the obscure dragon apparently wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows.) The TikTok video shows a theme park Mickey Mouse mascot performer joyfully waving and blowing a kiss as the narrator delivers the tragic news that Mickey Mouse is about to be out of the job and Figment will be his replacement.

"Breaking news Mickey Mouse will no longer be the official Disney mascot."
The TikTok video further mentioned that Disney has finalized Figment as its new mascot. The post further claimed that Disney's copyright of Mickey Mouse will expire in 2021. Thus, the purple dragon will be made the new mascot.

The TikTok account is admittedly fraudulent. The main page states “Real Disney news that is 100% fake, so there should be no cause for concern…but the internet will undoubtedly internet. The video has over 2 million views and the comments range from utter sorrow to full-blown outrage. Some cooler heads have prevailed and are well aware that Disney has the means to purchase the trademark back if it were to expire.

It would be a gigantic error if Disney were to go through with such a massive change. Mickey Mouse is one of the most well-known characters in entertainment. He’s starred in movies, TV shows, and video games, and has just about every kind of merchandise one can think of. To throw that away and make a much lesser-known character the mascot of one of the biggest companies in the world would be a mistake of epic proportions.

Figment is a purple dragon who’s the mascot of the Imagination! Pavilion at the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Figment was created by Disney Imagineers Tony Baxter and Steve Kirk in 1983 and there’s an upcoming feature film in development from Seth Rogen through his Point Grey productions banner and written by Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit.

Hopefully, the movie will be a success and will help get Figment’s name out there. Still, there’s no reason to believe this character would somehow replace the iconic Mickey Mouse.

Rumors have been making the rounds on the internet claiming that Mickey Mouse will no longer be Disney's mascot as a new mascot, Figment, is replacing him. The internet is surely a funny place to be. From trends to hoxes, several things amuse internet users, and now it looks like a rumor has managed to make netizens go berserk over it.

Currently, the hoax about Mickey Mouse not being Disney's mascot is spreading like wildfire on TikTok. The now-viral TikTok post was shared by an account named Mouse Trap News, popular for sharing fake news about Disney. The post stated:

Moreover, an article about the same saying that Mickey Mouse will no longer be Disney's mascot was published on the website of Mouse Trap News. Neither the article nor the TikTok video is correct about the facts. So for Mickey Mouse fans, there is nothing to worry about as news about Figment becoming the new mascot is entirely fake.

It’s falsely stated that this is happening because the Mickey Mouse trademark is set to expire in 2024. There’s even a mockup of the statue of Walt Disney standing next to Figment and you have to appreciate the commitment to the prank. At the end of the video, the narrator says to click the link for the full story, but the only link is for a Walt Disney World Resort at Lake Buena Vista, another indication that this shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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