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Friday, February 17, 2023

Free cookie sparks Florida woman, Amari Hendricks, to pull gun in McDonald’s drive-thru

Free cookie sparks Florida woman to pull gun in McDonald’s drive-thru.

An irate Florida woman pointed a loaded gun at terrified McDonald’s staffers Thursday in a dispute over a free cookie, according to WESH.

Amari Hendricks, 24, was in the drive-thru of an Altamonte Springs McDonald’s when she began arguing with an employee about her right to a complimentary cookie.

A staffer eventually handed over the baked treat to appease Hendricks, but the gesture did little to calm the situation and the argument continued.

Police said she then allegedly pulled out a black handgun, inserted a magazine, racked the slide and pointed the firearm at a drive-thru worker.

The abrupt escalation startled staffers, who retreated into the restaurant’s interior and attempted to lock the front door.

But Hendricks was able to get inside and allegedly assaulted a male worker — scratching his face and neck — before a colleague called 911 and police arrived.

The next thing McDonald's workers see is that Hendricks allegedly:

"Has a handgun while she's in the drive-thru so they call 911," officer Michelle Montalvo said.

The report says a worker "sees Hendricks insert a magazine into the handgun and rack the slide" then hears "clicking sounds associated with someone chambering a round."

"The employees at the drive-thru were in fear, you can only imagine. It's a handgun. It would put anybody in fear," Montalvo said.

In fact, one worker stated, she was "in fear for her life."

The report said Hendricks did "point the firearm towards the drive-thru window."

One worker said he could "see down the barrel of the firearm."

At first, brought to jail on no bond, the judge set bond at just over $30,000, telling her there would be other conditions if released.

"You are to possess no firearms or ammunition as a condition of your release," the judge said.

Police say Hendricks drove out of the drive-thru, parked and walked to the door.

A worker tried to lock her out but failed, according to police.

"Ends up making contact with one of the employees, gets into a physical altercation, thankfully, all the employees are okay," Montalvo said.

The report says the worker did have scratches on his face and neck.

Hendricks was pulled over a block from the scene.

A loaded gun was found on the driver's side floorboards, according to the report.

Police say Hendricks was ultimately taken into custody after initially refusing to comply with officer commands.

She's also prohibited by the court from returning to that McDonald's if she bonds out.

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