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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Houston Rapper ‘Yung Corleon’ gets 27 years for sex trafficking missing teen & several other women

Houston Rapper ‘Yung Corleon’ gets 27 years for sex trafficking missing teen & several other women.

Corleon reportedly forced the women and teen to get tattoos, branding themselves as his property. He made them prostitute themselves by threats of violence. Investigators claimed the 14-year-old was first reported as a runaway back in September 2019. She was said to have been “forced to have sex with people for three months.” When first questioned by police, the young girl claimed she was 19 and showed a fake driver’s license.

Further, the teen told police that she worked at a nearby strip club. She was also interviewed by cops just one month after being reported missing, but she said she was Jackson’s girlfriend. According to the girl, the rapper was aware of her real age, and she traveled with him to attend Rap shows. Much of the information authorities received about Jackson came from the teen. She revealed that as many as 12 women and girls were being kept in a “trap house.”

It was stated that Corleon also didn’t provide care or food for the women and girls. However, it was alleged that he kept them supplied with drugs. The Chronicle also shared that it was after one of the adult women was rescued that the rapper’s nefarious deeds surfaced. If Jackson’s victims didn’t make the amount of money he had in mind per day, they also risked getting “their ass beat.”

Yung Corleon reportedly cried in court as he apologized to the victims, and told the judge he “never had a fair chance in life.” He asked for leniency because of his childhood, which his father later admitted was troubling.

“Yes, I did three terms in and out of prison,” his father Steven said. “I myself was a product of the crack era. I got influenced early and had him young. It’s very emotional because I don’t visit jails because I’ve been there too many times.”

One of the victims, 15-year-old Kristen Galvan, went missing in January 2020 and still has not been located. Corleon denies knowing her whereabouts but his father told reporters: “As far as my knowledge is, he doesn’t know where she is but if he did, and he told me, ‘I definitely would tell that family, I definitely would.'”

According to the prosecutor, Corleon smuggled in drugs and cell phones and continued trafficking women while incarcerated.

According to the judge, Corleon’s mother was a prostitute who was addicted to drugs – and she’s also being charged with sex trafficking. Her trial began on Wednesday (February 15).

R. Kelly recently received a similar sentence for sex trafficking crimes in June. The disgraced R&B singer was sentenced to 30 years in prison by U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly after being convicted on nine counts of various racketeering and sex trafficking charges during the September 2021 trial.

Eleven accusers (nine women and two men) gave their testimony of being victims of Kelly’s abuse and some were even minors when they first had intercourse with the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer.

Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York reportedly asked the judge to sentence the embattled singer to 25 years in prison before Donnelly sentenced Kelly to 30.

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