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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Is Uber now allowing hotbox as a car ride?

Is Uber now allowing hotbox as a car ride?

Kossyderrickent Reports.

Hotboxing makes for a fun evening. Every time you step out of a hotbox, you feel considerably higher compared to smoking cannabis in an open space. But are these effects all in your head? Find out everything you need to know about hotboxing below, including exactly how to do it.

As the name conveys, hotboxing involves smoking cannabis in an enclosed space, so as to fill the area with smoke. Typically, it entails cramming several people into a car, tent, or small room and sealing off all the points of airflow, such as vents on the dashboard and gaps underneath doors. As joints, bongs, and other smoking apparatus are hit and passed around, the space gets increasingly shrouded in smoke. Enthusiastic proponents of hotboxing even claim that not everybody present needs to hit a joint to feel something; the dense cloud that forms has the power to alter consciousness as a standalone source of THC.

Hotboxing might seem like an innovation birthed from the minds of modern stoners, but the practice actually dates back thousands of years. The Greek writer Herodotus observed the Scythians—a tribe of nomadic warriors—hotboxing in tent-like structures following funeral rites; a far more morbid context than just getting high with friends.

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