Man Stole 10K From His Girlfriend To Gamble, Wins $100M & Gives Her Back Exact Amount - Now She's Demanding $40M KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Man Stole 10K From His Girlfriend To Gamble, Wins $100M & Gives Her Back Exact Amount - Now She's Demanding $40M

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Man Stole 10K From His Girlfriend To Gamble, Wins $100M & Gives Her Back Exact Amount - Now She's Demanding $40M.

The man took the money to play a bet that spanned for 2 days and promised to pay her back the money
soon. The bet eventually came through and he won a whopping sum of 100Million. In an exciting euphoria, he shared the good news with his girlfriend and that was where the trouble started.

In 2021, the man from Nigeria allegedly stole the money after his girlfriend had left it on his shelf while visiting him. While she took a trip to the salon, he took the 10K in Nigerian dollars and placed it in a bet that lasted for two days. 

He promised his girlfriend that he would win back her stolen money and return it to her. Not only did the man win the bet, but he also won 100 million Nigerian! 

He shared the exciting news with his girlfriend. However, that is when things went South. Furious that her boyfriend had stolen her money and used it in a bet, she demanded that he give her at least 40 million. 

He refused, claiming that he wanted to use most of the money to grow his business. After some going back and forth, he told his girlfriend that he would give her 5 million. 

She did not accept his offer and was forced to give him an ultimatum: either give her the 40 million she asked for or she would be leaving him. 

Now the man is deciding whether he wants to be financially wealthy or be in a relationship. The lady demanded he gives her 40M from the money he won since he used her money to play the bet. But the guy refused and said he promised to pay back just the 10,000 he took, and that he wanted to boost his business with the money hence he could only give her 5,000,000 out of the money. The lady felt cheated and decided to move on as she was being unfairly treated unless she was paid the 40,000,000 she demanded.

The man is in a state of a dilemma now, he doesn’t want to pay 40M and at the same time doesn’t want to lose his babe.

“If she had lent it to him, I would say he only owes her 10,000 back. However, he stole it, so he should give her more as an apology.,” one user commented under a YouTube video detailing the man’s dilemma. 

“Honestly, he probably should have been charged with theft, but since that is not going to happen, he should give her more than he took.” 

“He won 100 million...he could've AT THE VERY LEAST gifted her with 1-10 million! If it weren't for her he wouldn't have that 100 million!” another user pointed out.

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