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Friday, February 10, 2023

Michelle, Jessica and Mickey, among the actors fired by Dhar Mann for asking a question

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Michelle, Jessica and Mickey, among the actors fired by Dhar Mann for asking a question.

Taking to social media, Chris Laughlin, revealed he and other actors and actresses working under or for Dhar Mann have been underpaid for a very long time. 

Despite making millions of dollars and pounds for Dhar Mann and his company, he has chosen to be wicked to towards his employees. 

According to Chris, he said that he and other actors can't pay rent or even buy nice things for themselves and their family members. 

He wrote: "Today, me and many of my fellow actors protested outside our workplace @dharmannstudios
This is why.

"First, we tried giving feedback individually. We were punished & ignored.
Then we got a group together and sent a letter. We asked to meet with Dhar. We waited a week and a half, then we got our meeting. He did not show up to this meeting. Instead he flew on a private jet to Aspen.

"We were told another meeting would be scheduled. So we waited another week and half. Then we were told we would not get a meeting at all.
We wanted a meeting. We still want a meeting. Until we do we #protestdharmann."

Reactions below:

Michael: after hearing about the dhar mann protests, this is terrible. these people have worked for months, some years. no one should be oppressed because you are under someone, this is disgusting. and hearing “if your talk, your out.”
imagine how terrifying it is to just speak. 

Peter: Dhar Mann being exposed on tik tok live by his employees/actors for being a shitty person was not on my 2023 bingo card.

Count: Ain’t no way Dhar mann got exposed for underpaying his employees and firing a lotta people, he was teaching life lessons and morals and can’t even follow his own advice, as he said, whatever’s in the dark comes to light. 

Cassper: apparently all of the prominent Dhar Mann actors are protesting unfair wages and being fired for calling them out lol
SO YOU SEE what happens in the dark ALWAYS comes to light. 

Johannesburg: Dhar mann is getting cancelled but he deserves it he under payed employees he fired alot of them just for asking if they can get more money for there paycheck and the next day he literally fired like alot plus employees The employees also got fired bc they asked for a meeting.

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