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Friday, February 17, 2023

Millionaire, Ninus Malan, faked his own kidnapping and death with the FBI’s help

Millionaire Ninus Malan faked his own kidnapping and death with the FBI’s help.

It all started on November 14, 2018, when Malan and his girlfriend were roused from slumber by a ringing doorbell at 6 a.m. Seven FBI agents were outside his door.

“I was completely scared,” Malan, a divorced father of four, told The Post. “I had never met an FBI agent in my life. I asked what was going on. One told me, ‘Your life is in danger. You’ll need to come with us.’”

The feds asked Malan, now 41, who would possibly want to harm him.

The feds heard the name and told Malan that he would need to pose for photos to save his life. But they needed to move fast and couldn’t give more information than that, he claimed.

“After about three minutes of consideration, I agreed,” he said. Then they created a murder scene in my house.”

First, Malan was duct-taped to a kitchen chair. “They gagged me and put makeup on my face so that I would appear to have been beaten to a bloody pulp,” he said, recalling the gruesome 90-minute photo shoot. “One request [from the people who wanted to harm him] was that I get shot in the face. So they poured fake blood all over my face. They ripped my shirt and overturned the chair [with him taped to it].”

After surrendering their electronic devices and being told to not call their relatives or attorneys, Malan and his girlfriend were put in a Suburban and sped to a San Diego hotel room. There, the couple were locked in and a guard stood watch for what promised to be an indeterminate period. The TV, as well as the hotel phone, was removed from the room.

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