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Friday, February 10, 2023

MULLET BOY VIDEO: Dallas Stars fan gets punched in face after saying “N-word”

Dallas Stars fan gets punched in face after saying “N-word”.

The previously talkative young man was referred to as a 'little boy' while he was pinned under the forearm of the aggressor. 

He was wearing a No. 14 Jamie Benn jersey as he got beat up for his antisocial behavior. 

Though he insisted 'I ain't done s***. He hit me first. F*** that, he hit me first.'

According to an eyewitness, the fight commenced following 'confusion over who was in whose seats' per TMZ.  

Chad Marchman spoke to the outlet, detailing the Benn fan was 'annoying people in the section after being asked to move.'

It is unknown if any injuries were sustained or whether any arrests were made following the violent brawl at the American Airlines Center. has reached out to the Dallas Police Department for comment.

A Dallas Stars fan was rocked with a vicious right hand after calling another man a 'dumba** n****.'

The fight occurred during the Stars' 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild in the NHL on Wednesday night with footage showing the mullet-sporting man chirping before getting socked in the jaw. It’s unclear how the altercation exactly started, but a video shows the Stars fan telling the other attendee, who was wearing a black polo, to “step down here and I’ll box your ass.”

The other man seemed unfazed by the fighting words, which led to the Jamie Benn jersey-wearing loudmouth fan, who was white, to say: “All right then. Stay the f–k up there. Dumbass n—a.”

Once the black polo-wearing fan heard those words, he socked the Dallas fan right in the jaw, sending him into the seats. The Stars fan immediately tried to retaliate, but the attendee who punched him was able to hold him off.

The scuffle escalated to where a female Stars fan began attacking the polo-wearing attendee as well, but the two were quickly held off by onlookers who came in to intervene. 

The Stars fan who initially started the fight was eventually pinned down, and he was called a “little boy” – much to his dismay.

A Stars fan was socked in the face by a huge haymaker at Dallas' game on Wednesday night ... with the massive punch coming after the guy said the n-word.

The altercation went down just a few seats from the American Airlines Center ice ... when a man in a Jamie Benn jersey stopped watching the Stars vs. Wild tilt -- and began jawing with another fan behind him.

No word on why their beef initially began -- but the dude in the green No. 14 uni was clearly furious. At one point, he challenged the other fan to a fight ... saying, "How 'bout you step down here and I'll box your ass."

The guy in the black polo didn't respond -- and that's when the Benn fan, who's white, muttered the n-word.

"All right then," he could be heard saying. "Stay the f*** up there. Dumbass n****."

Almost immediately after the word left his mouth, the fan in the black shirt, who's also white, threw a right hand that landed flush. It actually appeared to briefly knock the Benn fan unconscious.

The two scuffled for a few moments following the blow -- before another woman raced in and threw a bevy of punches of her own.

Eventually, other fans stepped in before the altercation became even more violent.

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