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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Police looking for Texas mom, Raven Yates, who left children home alone for two months

Police looking for Texas mom who left children home alone for two months.

Police are searching for a mother who left her son and daughter aged three and 12 alone in the family's Texas home for two months - who were only found when they asked their dad in California to send them food. 

A warrant was issued for the children's mother, 31-year-old Roman Forest Resident Raven Yates, on Friday, who is on the run after the kids' concerned father called cops on November 14 to report he had not seen them since September 28.

Police in the small town of 1,700 - set thirty miles northeast of Houston - descended on the residence and the children's father flew out to Texas as well.

Upon entering the home, cops found the kids alive - despite being holed up in a house with very little food for nearly eight weeks.  

Yates - who in 2018 was featured on Fox's Fugitive Files for attempting to slash a repo man with a box cutter - is thought to still be somewhere in Mobile, police said Friday.

Yates is charged with two counts of abandoning/endangering a child without the intent to return, cops confirmed.

Their statement added that officers from Roman Forest Police Department had been cooperating with cops in Alabama to try to make an arrest.

Police added that the two children are safe with their maternal grandmother in Alabama.

Investigators added that Yates left the house in late September, after which the kids were left to fend for themselves. Neither of the children were registered in school. 

'No food in the house, everything was empty,' Chief Stephen Carlisle said over the weekend of the conditions the kids were left in. 'There were some dry beans and spices. That was it.'

Yates is believed to still be in the Mobile area, police said. The Mobile Police Department is assisting Roman Forest Police with the investigation. 

They have not been able to locate Yates since an arrest warrant was first issued on Dec. 6.

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