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Friday, February 3, 2023

Simon Ekpa Issues 96 Hours Ultimatum to Banks in 'Biafraland' Over Scarcity of New Naira Notes

Simon Ekpa Issues 96 Hours Ultimatum to Banks in 'Biafraland' Over Scarcity of New Naira Notes 

Our attention has been drawn to a deliberate financial Jihad against Biafra people as Nigeria Banks operating in Biafra territory has continued to starve Biafra of their hard earned money something that looks like what Nigeria did to Biafrans during and after the genocidal war of 1967-1970.

We, the Biafra people have respected all the Financial institutions in Biafra territory but what we will not accept going forward is for you to collaborate with the Nigeria state and starve Biafrans of their own money or to become enablers of genocide in our own land against our people.

We also understand that most of the banks premises are being used by INEC to store voting materials instead of their banking business and we know those Banks.

We are warning the Banks to restrain themselves from being enabler of genocide or financial Jihad against Biafra people. We are business people and our businesses are mostly buying and selling of goods and services that need the banks. We will not hesitate to engage financial institutions if this financial Jihad or starvation continues unabated.

We the Biafra people therefore demand that:

1. All Banks that have been operating in Biafraland must make money available to the rightful owners until Biafra have its own currency:

2. Those Banks that made their premises the second INEC office must remove all NIGERIA INEC MATERIALS and return them back to INEC on or before the 10 day of February 2023;

3. Money must be made available to Biafrans before 7th February 2023, Failing to do the aforementioned at the stipulated timeframe, you will be treated as Nigeria terrorist state enablers in Biafraland and your security will no longer be guaranteed in Biafra territory. We want to officially notify the Banks that the war of separation for Biafra Exit from Nigeria is ongoing and as such they should understand that they are operating in Biafra territory and not in Nigeria. It will be self deceit to say you don't know whether your bank is in Biafra territory or not.


Mazi Simon Ekpa
(Biafra Spokesman)
2nd February 2023

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