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Friday, February 3, 2023

Social media star, Alli McLaren, punched in the face, diagnosed with brain tumor and run over by car

An aspiring actress has been dubbed the 'unluckiest woman in the world' after she was attacked by a homeless man who broke her jaw, diagnosed with a brain tumor and hit by a car on her way to radiation therapy.

Alli McLaren, 30, describes the 'series of unfortunate events' that left her with a traumatic brain injury and two broken feet in a now viral TikTok video.

She explains in the video that her life started to take a turn for the worse in October 2021, when a homeless man assaulted her in the City of Angels. 

McLaren was a social butterfly at the time, with many friends who enjoyed going out in the city and having fun. But when she walked back from Starbucks on her last day of what she described as a 'toxic job,' the TikTok star was punched in the head by a homeless man.

He walked across the road, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye,' she told Media Drum. 'He punched through my phone, which broke from the impact and I fell over. It all happened in about two seconds.'

She said she sought medical attention at an urgent care facility in West Hollywood, where doctors told her she had a concussion but 'looked fine' and dismissed her concerns.

But she started to feel jaw pain a month later, and a dentist confirmed her jaw was fractured from the attack.

McLaren said in a video posted in June that the dentist originally told her it would heal on its own. But three months later, she said, she was in 'more pain than ever and can't eat solid food.' 

At that point, she said, she sought another opinion from a different dentist who took another X-ray which showed the fracture was even worse than it was before.

She said the fall led to “a brain injury which then, we found a tumour in my brain”.

Surgery failed to remove all the tumour, necessitating radiation therapy.

“I had to start radiation,” she continued.

“Then I was walking to my radiation treatment the other day at the hospital, and in front of the hospital I got run over by a car”.

She said the driver ran a stop sign.

TikTok users were stunned - with some reassuring McLaren things would improve. McLaren responded, explaining she has a non-cancerous tumour in her head “which is actually very dangerous”.

“The way that they grow can explode in your head and then you die,” she said.

“They need to be treated very quickly.”

She said her particular type of tumour can grow in size after a “traumatic brain injury or a hit to the head”, such as the knock to her jaw.

McLaren said it was only after the jaw injury that she “started getting seizures and would pass out in the shower”.

“So maybe he helped find it or maybe he helped cause it.”

McLaren has been sharing updates on her Instagram account, writing as her bio: “A comedy of errors... Welcome to the life of an Australian paying US medical bills”.

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