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Thursday, February 2, 2023

There’s no man who doesn’t cheat — Queen Sekinat Elegushi

There’s no man who doesn’t ch£@t — Queen Sekinat Elegushi
Olori Sekinat Elegushi, the first wife of Elegushi of Ikate land, Oba Saheed Elegushi has opened up on her marriage to him.

In a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, she claimed that it is impossible for a man to be faithful in a marriage or committed relationship. She maintains that “a man that will not womanise is yet to be born.”

She said, “One cannot meet a man who does not womanise. He has not been born o. Ah! It’s not possible. He is yet to be born,” asserted the queen in the Yoruba language.

Expressing confidence in her husband’s love and knowing that he prioritises her above every other woman, Mrs Elegushi said she has never been bothered by his philandering behaviour. “God has given me the virtues of patience and endurance since I was young. My husband knows I don’t make a fuss about other women because I know he loves me and puts me first.”

When asked about her reaction to her husband having a second wife, Mrs Elegushi flippantly dismissed the matter. She said she sees her husband’s relationship with the second wife as only an affair. “She can be a “girlfriend” outside my marriage o, that one is normal. But I remain my husband’s wife. My husband is my husband,” the queen insisted.

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