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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

VIDEO: Black man seen giving weed to his turtle to smoke

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Black man seen giving weed to his turtle. 

In the trending video, the yet-to-be identified black man is seen giving his tortoise some blunt to smoke. 

Reactions below:

Michael: Had a dog who had arthritis. At first I blew the smoke in its face n it took off. The next day n everyday going forward if I was smoking the dog would come up to me n not really care to be petted but would sit next to me til it had enough of it and would go lay down.

Paschal: Bro I want a turtle no cap this size too, ima have that hoe wit me at all times lmaoo I’m tied of dogs I want some to chill and be quiet.

Peter: We know for sure is by the time white people get through figuring out who that finger is hurting a precious animal you’ll be doing from now on.

Chunkz: As someone who has had animals my whole life this is super lame...why do this? smh.

Bengals: I had this hamster in college who I used to get high as fuck 
He loved it. 

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