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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

VIDEO: Kodak Black is to enter drug rehab facility after he allegedly tested positive for Fentanyl

Kodak Black is to enter drug rehab facility after he allegedly tested positive for Fentanyl.

Kodak Black Asked The Judge For A Jolly Rancher In Court This Morning learns he’ll get Drug Treatment program after beating his charges & avoids getting sent back to Jail thanks to his lawyer.

On Tuesday (Feb. 28), Kodak Black appeared in court after a warrant was issued for his arrest last week. Police say Kodak, 25, failed to give a random drug screening on Feb. 3. He did, however, give a sample during a Feb. 8 screening that allegedly came back positive for Fentanyl. During the hearing on Tuesday, Yak's attorney Bradford Cohen argued that there is a possibility that the starstruck lab worker who processed the sample may have mixed up Kodak's urine sample while he was also working on someone else's. The lab worker even showed up to court to testify that could have been the case.

Following the court appearance, Bradford Cohen commented on the reporting and the outcome of Kodak Black's hearing on Instagram.

"Of course channel 10 got it wrong," he captioned a photo of himself and Kodak leaving court. "No one refused a Hair sample. Pretrial does not provide Hair sample services," he added, commenting on Local 10 News reporting Kodak refused to give a hair sample in court on Tuesday.

"But I am glad @kodakblack will get an opportunity to take a break from his hectic schedule and focus on his physical health," he continued, commenting on Yak's upcoming stint in rehab. Great kid, great philanthropist and as usual a portion of his Rolling Loud pay check will go to the Meadow Pollack scholarship fund at Nova Southeastern Law School, that he set up last year. @local10news You often see news reports that aren't accurate because they want those subscribers, and won't report on the good in the community and the good Kodak does there as well. Doesn't make for a good story."

"There's just so much with this that's unjust and not right about this situation," Kodak Black said during the hearing. "Not only am I denying it, but I'm hurt about it too because my character is being assassinated and I can't speak about all that because I don't wanna make the story bigger than what it is... All the good deeds, all the good things I do never goes viral and I don't know why."

Kodak was able to schedule a new time to come in when he returned on February 7 without any issue. His lawyer said the rapper arrived to the location for his test after the building closed at 4:30 p.m. but he was allowed to come in the following day to submit his sample. The test, which was taken on February 8, reported traces of fentanyl. Upon receiving the results, authorities declared that he violated his bail conditions, which led to the arrest warrant.

His lawyer argued that it was his first time ever testing positive for the drug and opted for their client to seek rehabilitation instead of being sent to jail. He also suggested that it's possible that his sample was mixed up with another person's sample due to a star-struck employee who accepted both samples at the same time. The employee testified both samples could've been switched around. In the end, Judge Barbara Duffy sentenced Kodak to enter a rehab facility for 30 days. Judge Duffy also granted a request for Kodak to begin his treatment next week Tuesday so that he can be released in time for his scheduled set at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles. He plans to donate some of his check from the show to charity.

Kodak Black caught his initial drug charge last July when police found over 30 oxycodone pills and nearly $75,000 in cash in his car during a traffic stop over expired tags. He was arrested and released on bail.

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