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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Andrew Tate believes he will live to 5000 years

Andrew Tate believes he will live to 5000 years.

The letter, from Tate's general practitioner at King's College Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, suggests he be repatriated to the Gulf nation immediately. The letter and medical reports in English appear to be translated into Romanian.

Tate is currently in custody in Bucharest on allegations of rape and human trafficking. He has denied any culpability.

The alleged letter and medical report indicated possible diagnoses for the lesion and listed the tests Tate had already undergone in December in Dubai, according to Romanian news site Spy News, which first published the letter in which the doctor appears to call for an "urgent investigation" into the lesions.

Misogynistic influencer Andrew Tate, who is currently being held in Romania on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking, has today confirmed he has a 'dark spot on his lung' that is 'most likely a tumour'.

Tate attended a medical consultation with doctors in Dubai about his 'serious' health condition that must 'not be taken lightly' before he was arrested in December, his team told MailOnline.

However, Romanian officials have said Tate will receive any medical treatment in Romania. 

A spokesperson for Andrew Tate told MailOnline: 'Andrew was made aware of his serious condition before his arrest, after attending a consultation in Dubai. 

'As he could not be monitored by his chosen medical team in Dubai, it meant he was taken to a Romanian local clinic whilst in detention. 

'No official diagnosis has been confirmed and he is in good shape and is staying strong. His doctors have requested that he returns to Dubai for further testing. Andrew has not demanded this. 

'This is not a health issue to be taken lightly and all due diligence is being made to make sure he gets the best medical care that is available to him.' Tate's doctors, in both Romania and Dubai, reportedly wrote in medical documents that the influencer has a lesion of his upper right lung - a condition that has been described as a 'serious health condition'. His doctor said the lesion could be a sign of a carinoid tumour - a rare type of slow-growing cancer.

Tate confirmed the major health fears today, with his spokesman telling MailOnline: 'Tate has a dark spot on his lung, most likely a tumour.' 

As a result, his doctors have requested that Tate, who has been held at a Romanian prison since late December on sex trafficking charges, be released from prison so he can receive treatment in Dubai.

The letter said: "His case was discussed at our MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) meeting and he has been scheduled to have a number of further urgent investigations and procedures including a PET CT (Positron Emission Tomography) scan, bronchoscopy and tissue sampling via CT guided biopsy.

"It is my professional medical recommendation that Andrew is urgently repatriated to the United Arab Emirates to undergo these medical investigations without delay. Time is of the essence and any further delay in the above investigations may have a serious negative implication for Andrew's physical health."

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