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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Balenciaga is selling this ‘dirty’ outfit covered in holes for $5,000

Balenciaga is selling this ‘dirty’ outfit covered in holes for $5,000. (Read More Here).

The fashion house’s summer 2023 collection has hit stores and features an “oversize jacket” and “super destroyed baggy trousers” with multiple pockets priced at nearly $3,000 and $2,300, respectively.

The front of both pieces has large brown stains, while the back has excessive holes, which some customers may consider a bonus for the breezy back door. (Read More Here).

The garments, sold brand-new, are designed to look worn and grimy, with the clothing description reading: “Heavily destroyed and dirty effect.”

Balenciaga first showed the earthy collection during its Mud Show during October’s Paris fashion week, where Kanye West opened the event wearing a tactical jacket and trekking through heaps of mud.

The show instantly became a meme online after models ditched their traditional catwalk struts and instead leaned forward and pushed their way through the sludge.

The brand has become known for taking high fashion risks, with outrageous styles like fisherman-style wader boots, laser beam-destroyed hats, trash bag purses and now filthy chic outfits.

However, the brand took the risqué approach too far last year. Balenciaga released heavily panned ads that featured children holding stuffed animals in bondage pieces.

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