Georgia-based Nigerian man, Opeyemi Olagunju, calls out his ‘girlfriend’, Akeju Oluwaseun, over alleged paternity fraud KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Georgia-based Nigerian man, Opeyemi Olagunju, calls out his ‘girlfriend’, Akeju Oluwaseun, over alleged paternity fraud

Georgia-based Nigerian man calls out his ‘girlfriend’ over alleged paternity fraud 

Opeyemi Olagunju, a Nigerian man schooling in Tibilis, Georgia has called out his ‘girlfriend’, identified as Akeju Oluwaseun, over alleged paternity [email protected] 

Speaking with Instablog9ja, he said: “In October 2020, I invited her over to spend the weekend together, she is an hairstylist based in Lagos, I booked her ticket, paid for a hotel and we made out. 

I can’t really say if she knew she was on period but pretended like she didn’t know, I was really pissed after seeing [email protected]@d and I left her in the hotel and never went back. I sent her the return ticket and taxi to return her to airport the next day. 

We never spoke again until December 2020, I chatted her just to check on her and apologize for leaving her in hotel, not knowing she was pregnant. 

I got to know she was pregnant via her WhatsApp status in June 2, 2021, I was dismayed, I congratulated her and the chat ended. 

Fast forward to September 2022, I got a call from her and she said what we had then led to the baby she’s carrying. I was distressed and all the questions I asked, she couldn’t provide answers to them. 

How could you have a baby for me without telling me? She had access to me via chat or call yet she did not say a thing to me. They did naming ceremony for the baby and used her surname. 

I made a group call with herself, her mom, and all my siblings. Her mother apologized for not informing anyone and right after that day, I’ve been compelled to be sending money for food and care for the baby. 

 I’ve been doing my part as alleged father even without paternity test. She’s been disturbing me over how the baby would start school, I decided to go for DNA test to be sure if the baby in question is mine as the bill is becoming enormous.

Yesterday, March 8, 2023 I got the result in my email that the baby is not mine. It’s now surprising that, after the DNA result came out, she insisted I’m the father and that’s why I’m taking this up, for future reference.

This issue cost me my relationship cause I told my girlfriend (now ex) and that was when issue started in the relationship.”

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