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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Jake Paul's trainer, BJ Flores, shot during robbery

BJ Flores, a former boxer who is Jake Paul's head trainer, was shot during a robbery attempt in Colombia on Friday.

Per TMZ Sports, Flores is recovering, and "it appears he's going to be OK." Paul has yet to comment on the shooting.

Flores said in a social media post that the incident occurred while he was vacationing in MedellĂ­n. He said he was sitting on the passenger side of a vehicle at a stop light when two armed motorcycle drivers pulled up beside him and pointed a gun at his head.

The 44-year-old eventually got away, but he said "they tried to steal my wallet and watch" before shots were fired.

"They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could," Flores said.

Flores made it to an emergency room, and at the time of his social media post, he said doctors told him the bullet was still lodged in his thigh and he would be undergoing surgery to remove it.

Prior to the procedure, Flores detailed the injuries he sustained, which included a knot on his head, a cut on his hand and a bloody wound on his leg.

Flores mentioned he 'manage[d] to only get shot in the leg one time' after being held up at a red light in Medellin, a city in the country's north-west.

'Tonight I was attacked by 2 armed motorcycle drivers as a passenger at a RED LIGHT,' Flores wrote on Instagram accompanied by a video of an X-Ray showing the bullet lodged in his thigh. 

Flores showed off a knot on the side of his head, admitting he and his group were 'definitely targeted' but expressed a gratitude for still breathing. 

'Stay safe out there and everyone be careful. Appreciate the messages, thank you so much.'

Before training Paul, Flores was a professional fighter himself, making his debut in 2003 before retiring in 2018. 

Since 2021, he has been Paul's full-time trainer, and naturally was present in Saudi Arabia as the Problem Child lost to Tommy Fury via split decision in January. 

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