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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Lil Mosey has been found not guilty in his rape case

Rapper Lil Mosey has just been found not guilty in his rape case, TMZ has learned.

Lil Mosey, AKA Lathan Echols, was cleared of all charges by a jury Thursday ... as we reported, he pled not guilty and has maintained from the start he didn't do anything wrong.

We're told he passed a polygraph test with flying colors, too. He was potentially looking at a max sentence of life in prison if convicted.

You'll recall, Echols was charged with rape after a woman claimed she and a girlfriend were both raped in 2021 by him and another man after going to see them at a cabin. The affidavit, obtained by TMZ, said one of the women consented to have sex with Echols while in a car but blacked out after drinking ... and claimed she later woke up to him and the other man forcing themselves on her.

The woman said she had bruising on her arm, neck, and knee as a result. Docs later revealed the alleged victim admitted to having consensual sex with the rapper in the past. The “Blueberry Faygo” rapper and his legal team asked the court for permission last month to introduce evidence that allegedly proves he’s had multiple consensual sexual encounters with the woman and received the resounding no on Friday (January 7).

The alleged victim said Lil Mosey sexually assaulted her at a cabin in Washington state after she and a girlfriend went to the undisclosed location to meet up with Mosey. After indulging in White Claws and champagne, she supposedly consented to having sex with the 19-year-old in a vehicle but eventually blacked out. A short time later, she claimed Lil Mosey got on top of her and plied her legs apart so he could have sex with her again. The woman recalled having pain in her leg muscles while Mosey was pushing her legs. Once she came to, she said another man was forcing himself on her.

Prosecutors argued the initial consensual acts are “irrelevant” because Mosey was charged with rape based solely on the woman’s inability to consent due to intoxication. The judge clearly sided with the prosecutors but will allow Mosey’s lawyers to note what happened in the car, only for the purpose of letting him explain why his DNA was discovered on her body.

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