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Friday, March 3, 2023

Su Yun: A Family in China raised a 250-pound “dog” for 2 years before realizing it was a bear

A Family in China raised a 250-pound “dog” for 2 years before realizing it was a bear.

Su Yun, who lives in a village outside the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province, bought what she was led to believe was a Tibetan mastiff puppy while on vacation back in 2016, according to reports.

Tibetan mastiffs are huge dogs with thick black-and-brown coat. Males can weigh as much as 150 pounds.   The owner said she was immediately struck by her pooch’s insatiable appetite, which had him wolfing down a box of fruits and two buckets of noodles daily.

Two years on, Su’s pet was tipping the scales at 250 pounds and getting ever bigger.

When the woman noticed the animal’s unusual knack for walking on two legs, her bewilderment escalated to alarm. “The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked,” Su told Chinese media.

The owner’s growing suspicion about her pet’s true nature did not sit well with her because she admitted that she is “a little scared of bears.”

Su reached out to the authorities, who quickly identified her supposed dog as an Asiatic black bear, which is classified as a vulnerable species.

The animal was transported to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center after the family contacted authorities for help. Officials shared footage of the bear standing on its two legs and were reported to be so intimidated that they needed to sedate the animal before taking it away from the home.

The bear was identified by officials as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear, which is valued at thousands of dollars on the black market, according to the Independent. A similar incident had previously taken place in the Yunnan province when a man was found to be raising a bear he initially believed to be a stray dog in March 2022, which he kept in a cage.

The family pet first entered their lives back in 2016 when a woman named Su Yun brought the animal to her village in Yunnan, China.

As reported by the Independent, the 'dog' had an incredible appetite and was eating a 'box of fruits and two buckets of noodles' a day.

Then, as time began to pass, the pet's owner started to wonder if it was even a Tibetan mastiff as it began to increasingly resemble a bear.

"The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked," she told China News. "I am a little scared of bears." The bizarre story was first reported by the Independent back in 2018, but has gone viral again this week.

A fully grown male Asiatic bear, also known as a Himalayan bear or moon bear, can weigh up to 400 pounds.

Su’s bear, who had lived in her home this entire time, had to be tranquillized before being carted off to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue because staffers who arrived to collect it were too scared to interact with the wild animal while it was fully alert.

A chemical found in the bear's bile, ursodeoxycholic acid, for example, is used to treat liver disease and gallstones.

However, fortunately for this bear, it was taken in by the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center.

But despite being a family pet for so long, staff were apparently so scared of what the animal might do that they sedated it prior to its transportation. Thankfully, the move appeared to have gone smoothly and the bear is now living its best life after things got off to an unusual start.

But incredibly, Su Yun is not the only person in China to have made this mistake.

In March 2018, another man from the same province allegedly did exactly the same thing after finding a bear in a forest and assuming it was a stray dog and taking it in.

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