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Friday, March 3, 2023

Taylor Swift is on route to become a billionaire this year (2023)

Taylor Swift is on route to become a billionaire this year.

American pop star Taylor Swift is expected to make $620 million from her upcoming Eras Tour, according to a projection cited by Forbes.

The report, based on a projection by David Herlihy, a Northeastern University Teaching Professor and Music Industry Program Coordinator, notes that Taylor Swift will make 48 times more money than Ticketmaster from her tour.

Billboard has estimated that her Eras tour will generate $591 million in ticket sales, with Ticketmaster charging $12.9 million in fees. Reports have noted that Taylor Swift will make over $600 million from the ticket sales of her US tour alone and that she will become the first person with music as her main source of income to do so.

With ticket sales alone to account for $591 million, Forbes estimates that the tour will ultimately gross $620 million thanks to merchandise and other sales.

However, Swift will not take home the full $620 million as she has to pay taxes, her crew, venue rental, and tour expenses. However, the publication estimates that she will still bring home between $465 million and $496 million.

As a result, it could land her into billionaire status without additional dates for other countries being announced.

Additionally, Forbes also says that the tour will also make Swift “the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time.”

Keep in mind, nothing is final and numbers could sway up or down until the concussion of the tour.

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