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Thursday, March 30, 2023

VIDEO: According to Gogo Maweni, Gogo Skhotheni's husband, Monde, is bisexual

According to GogoMaweni, Gogo Skhotheni 's husband Monde is bisexual. Kuningi

The battle of the traditional healers reach new heights as Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni continues to take jabs at each other. Friends have literally turned into faux and social media users have the front row seat to the smack down.

Gogo Maweni and her friend went on to talk about Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini's cheap and plastic weaves, criticizing her dress code and called her names, amongst other things.

Although Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini had admitted not to be angry that her name was brought up in the conversation. However, she drew the line when Gogo Maweni and her friends started talking about her kids and being sick. Early this year, Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini's son was in ICU fighting for his life and was in need of her money for medical and hospital bills from a scammer doctor.

In a video, Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini have lambasted Gogo Maweni and called her with every name in the book.

"Wadakwa wena ucaba mina, wadakwa wena ucaba mina. Angikusabi mina. Yini uhluhlwa imali ulokhane uthengana nama Azul ube busy phezukwami. Wadakwa wena ucabanga mina. Khuluma ngami ungakhulumi ngabantwana bami. Angikusabi mina. Ulokhu ugqoka engathi u-Michael Jackson, unemali angithi, thola abantu abagqokisayo, ulungise umzimba. Uyadelela wena uzongibiza ngepantsula. So what mangina weaves ama plastic, yiwo engiwa affordayo moss." said Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini. 

Maweni went on to say she was never friends with Skhotheni and referred to her as an associate. “We are associates by affiliation. They must teach you how to speak, you are busy dreaming to stay in Sandton. I grew up in Sandton, ask me about each corner I will gladly tell you. You want to look like those good people in front of social media, yet you are talking badly about me in the background,” Maweni said. Skhotheni also took to social media and responded to Maweni in a live video. “She is the one who posted something about sangoma copycats. Sangoma copycats this and that and I commented and said you can’t be calling other sangomas copycats since we are in the same field,” Skhotheni said in the clip.

Skhotheni also accused Maweni of stealing her pink water and using it to steal her followers to make them go to her Ubungona Music Festival. On the other hand, Maweni accused her of being a fake sangoma who doesn’t have an indumba or powers.

 "You’ve never seen her bloody indumba. You don’t have muthi in your indumba. our gobela is the one with the strong muthi. Man, she still has the audacity to speak badly about her gobela,” Maweni said. Gogo Maweni did not respond to questions sent to her by ZiMoja.

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