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Friday, March 3, 2023

VIDEO: Musa Khawula confirms Mohale Motaung is currently broke and homeless

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Musa Khawula has confirmed Mohale Motaung is currently broke and homeless.

“He’s been a h*e, he tried to scam Somizi with a fake marriage and wedding, and he’s now dating politicians,” shaded Musa. Musa also said Mohale is now dating politicians and has downgraded his mansions. He also said Mohale looked broke and hungry, "it is such a disaster!"

He then said he benefited from his marriage with Somizi saying he gained the spotlight and had his accounts verified. He also managed to bag a radio gig with Opulence radio, but he said he does not care about unknown radio stations.

Mohale had claimed that he and Somizi never got married. Maphephandaba reported that Mohale has denied the existence of a marriage between him and Somizi.

In his interview with Aldrin, he opened a whole lot of can of worms. "The particular assault I am talking about was the one that took place in our home and for me it was seeing that person in a way that I had never seen him before. He was angry at the fact that I went to work in Durban, and I remember coming from Durban and finding him sitting on the couch waiting for me and he immediately said where are you coming from and I said what do you mean because you know where I am come from," he said.

The confirmation came shortly after audio from a conversation Mohale had with the reality show's producers went viral. 

Mohale accused Somizi of shocking abuse. He alleged that Somizi threatened him with a knife and broke his ribs during violent altercations that were fuelled by jealousy. 

Mohale also claimed that the 'Idols SA' judge enjoyed group sex and often suggested that they had threesomes. Somizi denied the abuse allegations but admitted that there was one altercation where he had to defend himself and both "were physically hurt by the other". 

He accused Mohale of trying to smear his reputation. Somizi shared more details of his version of events on his reality show. He says he was "shocked" by 95% of the things mentioned in the viral audio. 

Somizi says "there were so many red flags" that he brushed off when they were dating. 

He also addressed Mohale's remarks about their sex life. 

"There's a part where he says I suggested threesomes... My suggestion of not an open relationship, a versatile relationship, was for the benefit of our marriage... because here I was dealing with someone who had issues with sex... I tried to find so many ways of making it work... the sex life was bad," the 49-year-old revealed. 

Somizi says he even suggested sex therapy but Mohale was in denial about their bad sex life.

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