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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment are reportedly both interested in signing Anitta

Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment are reportedly both interested in signing Anitta.

Anitta and Warner Music Group announced they were parting ways Tuesday, a month after the Brazilian pop star tweeted about the extreme measures she would take to terminate her record deal.

“After eleven years of successful partnership, we’ve agreed to go our separate ways,” a joint statement posted to Anitta’s social media read. “Anitta would like to thank the Warner Music team for all their support. And the Warner team wishes Anitta all the best in the future.”

In short, Anitta called out the record label for hypocrisy, going one step further. She included her hit “Envolver,” the first song by a Brazilian artist to top the Spotify Global Chart — and the song Warner famously didn’t believe could do well enough on its own. Back in December 2022, she explained on IG Live, “[Warner] said the song wasn’t going anywhere and that I wouldn’t have the sway to release it alone [without a feature on the song].” However, the track became one of the most important songs of the year — even without that Justin Quiles collab that came later.

Addressing a CEO of one of Warner’s several music divisions with which she is affiliated (it was unclear which one), Anitta posted a screenshot of an email she purportedly sent to him. In it, she states that she has repeatedly had to ask the label to do things “you are supposed to naturally do,” and ended the note by saying that she’s going to “hire a new person [whose] job will be [to] ‘ask Warner to do their job everyday.'”

“Respect me,” she wrote to the label in her Instagram post, “instead of sending your lawyers to talk to mine about money… I already accepted the sad unfair fact that I’m the major investor here and asked the label to just do the simple job they were supposed to: promote my music.”

While International Women’s Day saw a flood of social media posts admiring and pushing forward powerful women everywhere, one post in particular caught Brazilian singer Anitta‘s eye — and she wasn’t having it.

The “Envolver” star’s record label Warner Music Latin posted an Instagram video showcasing all their talent, including Anitta herself. But after “a month” of failed alleged conversations with the CEO to let her out of her music contract, the singer chose to speak out.

Representatives for Warner Music Group did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

Though Anitta has been vocal about these issues plenty of times before, these comments come on the heels of some lengthy Twitter venting that started when a fan said they wished she could be free of her contract with Warner. Anitta responded by stating that “if there was a fine to pay, I would have already auctioned off my organs, no matter how expensive it was to get out. But unfortunately, there isn’t.”

The Post has contacted reps for Anitta and Warner Music for comment.

The news comes after the 30-year-old “Ai Papai” vixen slammed Warner and its CEO several times, including a claim the label used her picture and song “Envolver” in an International Women’s Day social media post even though execs allegedly told her the track wouldn’t be successful without a featured appearance from a bigger guest artist.

Fans last month argued that Warner Music was holding Anitta back from achieving a “global Top 10” hit.

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