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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Artist 1017, Rapper Lil Wop, Is Now cross Dressing

Former Ex- Gucci Mane Artist 1017 Rapper LIL Wop Is Now cross Dressing.

Information reads: "Former Ex- Gucci Mane Artist 1017 Rapper LIL Wop Is Now cross Dressing."

During an interview with Say Cheese, Lil Wop, whose real name is Louis McPherson, talked about his sexuality. “Don’t get me wrong,” he started, “I ain’t out here sucking no d*ck or getting f*cked in the a** or no sh*t like that… but I’ll make a n*gga my b*tch.”

The Chicago native went on to explain that he has a certain type– transgenders and feminine men. “I’m masculine, so I’m a motherf*cking king… I like power,” he added. When asked how he determined that he was bisexual, he explained that although he grew up around savages, he wasn’t looking at them in that manner. “I ain’t soft, sweet, or [any] of that sh*t,” he said, “I just wanted to put that out to the world.” He further encouraged people that matched that description to come his way, “If y’all like me… and you’re a feminine guy or a trans– it’s whatever. It’s love… I want all the love.”

“I’m Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls,” he wrote in the caption, accompanied by a smiley emoji and some pink hearts. “It’s W.E,” he added.

Although commenters were largely supportive, some questioned the authenticity of the post, with people positing that Wop was “hacked” or speculating that he had lost a Super Bowl bet. But the rapper clarified in a followup comment that he was not, in fact, hacked, adding “I’m gay idgaf what anybody think foreal,” and a red 100 emoji.

Born Louis McPherson in Chicago before moving to Atlanta, Lil Wop’s name is a play on Guwop, Gucci Mane’s nickname, according to The Hype Magazine. Though he’s no longer on Gucci Mane’s label, Wop has remained prolific as an independent artist, dropping four mixtapes in 2020 and one in 2021, with more music on the way. 

His latest single, “Glo,” dropped on February 4, and features Wop rapping and singing over a melancholy guitar riff. The emo vibes are befitting of his signature bat emoji and horror-influenced persona — on the cover of his 2017 mixtape Wopaveli 3, Wop’s decked out like a vampire walked into a leather bar (both of which are famously super gay).

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