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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Charli XCX reveals Ava Max declined to be featured on her song “Good Ones”

Charli XCX reveals Ava Max declined to be featured on her song “Good Ones”: 

“She didn’t want to." Rumors of a collaboration between Max and XCX started in early 2021, when the duo posted a photo via Instagram in which they were together in the studio. However, nothing else was reported regarding the song.

In early 2023, a TikTok account called "altegomusic" posted a video containing an AI collaboration between Max and XCX. Ava later posted her reaction to the song, once again sparking rumors of music with Charli. The ai's name was “BLING BLING”.

In mid 2023, XCX revealed in an Instagram comment that she tried to get Max on her song "Good Ones", but Max didn't want to for unknown reasons.

For five weeks before the performance, participants could roam around a gleaming white space station, completing mini-challenges in order to unlock virtual prizes like a Charli XCX cheerleader uniform. My avatar, one of the platform’s default characters, looked like an emoticon version of Pete Wentz in a beanie, shaggy hair, and a pizza sweatshirt. It took a “selfie” in an in-game photo booth, did the “running man” in a neon arena called “Cyber City,” and encountered a Lego-style fellow in a red shirt who asked questions like, “How do you think your friends would feel about you having a Samsung phone?”

To understand why Charli XCX agreed to perform in this setting in the first place, consider this: Half of America’s children play Roblox, making it one of contemporary society’s most formidable youth culture engines. It’s not a standalone game like Elden Ring or Zelda; it’s more of a storefront and creation platform, where users can develop a wide range of virtual experiences and share them with millions of other users. “Anyone can make their own game there, so it’s more akin to YouTube,” Polygon writer and Roblox reporter Ana Diaz tells me.

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