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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Deddy Mahendra Desta files divorce from his wife, Natasha Rizki

Deddy Mahendra Desta ajukan permohonan cerai kepada istrinya, Natasha Rizki. Permohonan cerai talak itu didaftarkan di Pengadilan Agama Jakarta Selatan.

Deddy Mahendra Desta filed a divorce application for his wife, Natasha Rizki. The divorce application was registered at the South Jakarta Religious Court. This was confirmed directly by Taslimah as Public Relations of the South Jakarta Religious Court. "For that name (Desta), it is true that it has been registered with the Registrar of the South Jakarta Religious Court against Natasha," said Taslimah to detikcom when met at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Wednesday. 

The type of case is a divorce application submitted by the applicant to the South Jakarta Religious Court with the type of divorce divorce case, that the applicant is asking to be granted permission to divorce the respondent with case number 1583/Pdt.G/2023/PAJS," he continued. It is known, the divorce application was filed by Desta through the e-court system through his attorney on May 11, 2023. "This lawsuit was filed May 11, 2023, by e-court," said Taslimah. 

Desta only wants to divorce Natasha Rizki and is willing to provide for her after the separation. "The petitioner requested, first, that his lawsuit be granted, and given permission to divorce his wife," explained Taslimah. "The Petitioner is willing to give to the Respondent the consequences of the divorce," he explained. The agenda for the first trial itself will be held on Monday, May 29, 2023. 

Before getting married, the love story that was woven by Natasha Rizki and Desta was relatively short. Four months after the relationship, Desta immediately proposed to Natasha Rizki. Desta and Natasha Rizki said that they did not want to be dating for long. The couple with an age difference of 16 years also wanted to go straight up the aisle. "From the start, we decided to go out with him, where do we want to go, our intentions are serious, not playing games. In the end, because the goal is that way," said Desta at that time. 

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