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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Demi Lovato claims she saw a UFO last night

Demi Lovato claims she saw a UFO last night. (Read More Here).

“Another day, another UFO sighting,” an off-camera voice that sounds like Demi Lovato can be heard saying in the latest post on the singer’s Instagram account.

“Wow,” she says as the camera follows unidentified lights in the sky. “What the f—. They’re coming.”
We were stargazing and we tried to do this protocol where you make contact, and all of a sudden something showed up directly above us in the sky. It was huge lights that made a question mark, almost, in the sky — and then it just like backed out. I realized [then] that my life was probably going to change in a spiritual way, because I have a spiritual connection to this journey as well.

In the new unscripted Peacock series Unidentified, the singer, actor, and activist embarks on an adventure that takes them to UFO hot spots and out-of-this-world realizations.

Over four episodes, the show follows Lovato, their sister Dallas, and their skeptical best friend Matthew as they attempt to uncover the truth about UFO phenomena by meeting alien abductees, investigating recent eyewitness encounters, and digging up secret government reports. 

Before this weekend’s sighting, Lovato recently shared her interest in aliens in a conversation with Kesha on a recent Kesha and the Creepies podcast episode. “I’m like trying to get all my friends and family into meditating the aliens to us. It’s my new hobby because of Demi Lovato,” Kesha told ET last week.

In their conversation (view a snippet here), Lovato had recalled spending time in Joshua Tree, California, with Dr. Steven Greer, “one of the world’s foremost authority figures regarding Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” his Instagram bio says. “What happened was we saw this really, really bright light,” Lovato said at the time, while showing a picture of it on her phone screen. “First of all, this blue orb kept floating in front of us, like 20 or 30 feet away. When I would try to walk up to it, it would just hop another 20-30 feet back. So I could never chase it or get to it, but I was trying.”

You would think that I would be freaked out, but what I have found in these experiences is the love, and there's no fear. The feeling that you get from these beings is so warm and loving and accepting that it's just overwhelming joy that happens when you're able to make contact. When I say make contact, I just mean intentionally try to meditate and try to manifest sightings. It's not that I'm actually, like, shaking hands with these beings — although I would love that. I think these beings are extremely peaceful and loving and when they show up, you can absolutely feel that concept.

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