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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Drake sleeps on a $395,000 mattress made of horse hair and stingray skin

Drake sleeps on a $395,000 mattress made out of horse hair and stingray skin.

Drake's affinity for luxury was on full display in the most recent Architectural Digest cover story. The OVO rapper gave fans an inside look at his 50,000-square-foot mansion in his hometown of Toronto, showing off lavish amenities and features, such as the 20,000-piece Swarovski crystal chandelier, a full recording studio, an NBA regulation-sized indoor court, an indoor swimming pool, and an "awards room." But one of the most notable pieces in Drake's not-so-humble abode was his nearly $400,000 custom bed.

AD originally reported that Drake’s bed was designed by Rafauli for Swedish bed-maker Hästens. Its official name is the Grand Vividus, and Complex says it cost Drake $395,000. The most insane part is that Hästens beds start at $15,000. That means Drake found a vulgar symbol of wealth, and asked, “That’s nice, but is there any way I can be even more vulgar?” Here’s what Drake’s bed looks like. It looks like a very expensive dark chocolate ice cream sandwich.

Dubbed "Grand Vividus," the $395,000 bed was produced by Hästens—a fifth-generation, family-owned Swedish bed-maker with more than 350 locations worldwide. The company has become a favorite among celebrities and high-profile figures who are willing to shell out at least $15,000 for a highly coveted Hästens matress.

A rep from Hästens explained that the mattress is hand-made using horsehair, wool, cotton, and flax. The mattress also contains a higher number of high-quality mattress springs. There’s more horsehair in Drake’s bed, which is why it’s so much more money than the $15,000 starting price beds. Anyone with allergies just broke a T12 vertebrae from violently shuddering at the thought of rubbing their body against a $400,000 bag of livestock clippings.

The horse theme doesn’t end there. Drake’s bed sits on a leather and gold platform designed to mimic a horse’s saddle. It reportedly took 600 hours to make, and was designed to last 50 to 100 years. A team of expert bed-flippers from Hästens will come to Drake’s house three to five times a year, for free, to “flip and massage” his mattress.

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