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Monday, May 15, 2023

Lil Wayne allegedly cancelled show after the crowd was not showing love to his artists

Lil Wayne allegedly cancelled show after the crowd was not showing love to his artists.

Lil Wayne's fans were upset after the artist cancelled the last concert of his tour midway through the show.

On Saturday, May 13, the Young Money founder took the stage at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles with plenty of followers in the building and watching around the around via the official livestream. After he reportedly arrived late to the venue, Wayne performed for about 30 minutes before he brought out his artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader and Allan Cubas to the stage. Apparently, the crowd wasn't hype enough for his signees. Their lack of enthusiasm was so bad that Wayne decided to stop the show altogether.

As HipHopDX reports, Lil Wayne’s show at the Wiltern Saturday night was sold out, and he was initially selling livestreams for $15. The livestream was cancelled before the show, and Wayne took the stage more than an hour after he was supposed to begin. Wayne performed for half an hour, bringing out surprise guest 2 Chainz, before taking an intermission and giving the stage over to his Young Money artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader, and Allan Cubas. The crowd apparently was not excited about that extended break for Wayne’s Young Money guys.

Wayne and the crowd were all good after he finally hit the stage, despite his tardiness. He reportedly performed a few classics from Tha Carter album series and also brought out 2 Chainz to perform "Duffle Bag Boys." He even declared that he was the "best rapper alive", which made the crowd go wild. However, the positive energy seemed to dissipate after Wayne went on a brief intermission and allowed his artists to take over. After he felt the low vibrations from the crowd, Wayne thanked the crowd for their time and walked off stage. They thought he was coming back, but after 10 minutes without any action, the lights came up and the venue's officials told everyone to leave.

Before Allan Cubas could perform his second song of the evening, Wayne returned to the stage and told Cubas not to do anything: “We appreciate it, but we ain’t about to be bending over backwards for these folks. We work too hard for this shit. We work way too hard.” Wayne then turned to the crowd and said, “This my motherfuckin’ artist Allan, that was Twist, that was Yaj. We are Young Money. We appreciate y’all time.” He then put down the microphone and left the stage. The confused crowd waited around for a few minutes before house lights went up.

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