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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

New study suggests “breathe less oxygen” to live longer

New study suggests “breathe less oxygen” to live longer.

#Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have discovered that living in a state of #hypoxia — having low oxygen in your body tissue — may actually prolong lifespans.

In the study, published in PLOS Biology, researchers studied the theory on fast-aging mice, finding rodents living in “chronic hypoxia” — breathing air with 11% oxygen, where we usually breathe air that’s 21% oxygen — had a 50% longer lifespan and a delayed neurologic decline, in comparison to mice living at normal oxygen levels.

“While caloric restriction is the most widely effective and well-studied intervention to increase lifespan and health span, this is the first time that oxygen restriction has been demonstrated as beneficial in a mammalian aging model,” co-author of the paper Robert Rogers said.

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