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Monday, May 22, 2023

Persona 6 coming Late 2024 (current-gen only, likely at least timed PS5-only)

Persona 6 coming Late 2024 (current-gen only, likely at least timed PS5-only).

It’s been nearly seven years since the Japanese launch of Persona 5, and though Atlus has obviously released a number of games spawning from the RPG in the years since then, hunger for a new mainline entry in the beloved RPG series is growing by the day. Atlus said a couple of years ago that it was at work on Persona 6, but when exactly might we see it?

According to insider NateTheHate, it might not be terribly far away. Speaking during a recent episode of his podcast, the insider claimed that Persona 6 is set to launch in late 2024, and that it’s likely to be exclusive to PS5, which isn’t something we’re hearing for the first time. Unlike Persona 5, which launched as a cross-gen title for both PS3 and PS4, Persona 6 will allegedly be skipping PS4. However, NateTheHate does say that there’s a chance that Persona 6 does end up coming to Xbox consoles some time after launch.

Persona fans have been waiting for news of the next game for some time, with Atlus and Sega revealing very little for what they have in store. It's been rather testing for the series' many fans, especially as they've pored over any new media releases from the developer, such as the release of Persona's 25th anniversary art, which seemed to hint at Persona 6.

During his PS5 Showcase Predictions show (linked below), and around the 20th minute mark, Nate remarks that he expects Persona 6 to launch around late 2024. While it may seem tentative Nate has made decent predictions before, such as about the release schedule of Nintendo Switch titles, so if past predictions are anything to go by then this one could be reliable. Late 2024 is also quite far enough into this current gen that Persona 6 will likely drop the PS4 and be exclusive to the PS5.

Additionally, with regards to the Persona 3 Remake, Nate stated that it will be a multiplatform release. He also corroborated earlier reports that suggested the game would be unveiled at the upcoming Xbox Showcase on June 11, 2023. According to Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who has shared details regarding the development of both the rumored Persona 3 remake and Persona 6 in the past, the aforementioned remake will be making its very first appearance at the Xbox showcase on June 11, 2023.

Nate also vaguely mentioned a new Persona 5 spin-off that will arrive sometime in the year 2024. While he didn’t go into further detail, it’s likely to be a direct sequel to Persona 5 Strikers.

Previously, a mysterious domain for the web address “” was registered on March 15, 2023, suggesting that the rumored Persona 3 remake may be close to receiving an official announcement from Sega and Atlus.

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