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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

PHOTOS: Nigerians believe Elon Musk and his company are in the final stages of making a Robot Wife

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerians believe Elon Musk and his company are in the final stages of making a Robot Wife. (Read More Here) +

Several pictures of Elon Musk dancing and kissing a robot a few days ago went viral.

Industry stakeholders opined that the billionaire was generating a robot wife.

They even dubbed the Robot wife, Catanella.

They further told that this woman is his first specially manufactured and designed artificial intelligence robot.

That she was designed with the personality and characteristics of the woman he dreams of, which do not exist in every normal person.

The images designed by artificial intelligence “AI” technology show things are not real. Here's why according to social media pioneers.

According to Gamingideology and Al Arabiya, there are many differences and anomalies in the pictures, including the difference in the robot’s hair color and features from one image to another, and the gazes of Elon Musk and the robot are erratic and not directed in their natural direction.

Musk also appears in one of the fabricated images with a huge belly and flabby body, unlike his current form, and reappears in another of the fabricated images with a slim figure and no physical sagging.

The publishers of the fabricated images are based on Musk’s October 2022 announcement of a prototype humanoid Tesla robot, but this model was named “Optimus” and not “Catanella.”

Tesla claimed to have a great opportunity to develop this humanoid robot because it could leverage a lot of existing hardware developed for its electric vehicles and software from its self-driving technology.

But it wasn’t clear how much effort was put into the project even though Musk claimed it became a top priority at Tesla early last year. When Elon Musk first announced the Tesla Bot, many laughed it off as a sideshow or distraction to Tesla’s more important mission to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.

The CEO hyped it up by describing how much value it would create by fixing the labor crisis, but like Tesla’s autonomous driving effort, everyone can see the value of humanoid robots – the problem is people have issues seeing Tesla making it a reality.

It didn’t help that the latest demo at Tesla AI Day last year was less than impressive.

At the time, Tesla had a very early prototype that didn’t look like much. It was barely able to walk around and wave at the crowd. That was about it.

Elon Musk and his company are in the final stages of making a Robot Wife.

Robot Wives is expected to roll out in September 2023

No dowry just buy a robot wife and she can do almost everything a wife can do including sex

Sex with a Robot Wife will require a Password, Pattern, or Fingerprint to avoid tempering. 

The Robot will cost around For the amount in USD $3,144 depending on the specs

No more buying of goats and yams for the Umunna

No more prostrating for the in-laws.

Me thinks robot wife is good for those iidiots that are doing man to man.

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