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Thursday, May 11, 2023

RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR: Hannah Douglass is officially Beyoncé’s new dance captain

Hannah Douglass is officially Beyoncé’s new dance captain! 

Hannah has danced with Beyoncé since the Atlantic City Revel Residency in 2012 and has danced on every Beyoncé tour since.

Beyoncé’s new dance captain for the Renaissance World Tour appears to be Hannah Douglass.

Hannah Douglass’ agency, Clear Talent Group, posted on Instagram, “The time has come, and the queen has arrived! Beyonce is kicking off “The Renaissance” Tour tonight in Stockholm, Sweden! Congrats to all of our CT dancers on opening night, and have an amazing run!” The agency claimed Douglass was the dance captain in the same post.

Queen Bey could rake in nearly $2.1 billion from her Renaissance concert series, an estimate based on optimistic predictions of how many people will snag seats and the assumption that an artist takes home 80 percent of profits, according to Forbes. Not only could the 57-show tour be the “Break My Soul” singer’s most lucrative yet, but it may also surpass the revenue she’s amassed from all her previous concerts combined.

Just from tickets alone, which have an average price of about $700, the tour could gross somewhere between $275 million and $2.4 billion, the publication reports. Of course, merchandise sales are expected to draw in even more earnings. These high-end estimates for the Renaissance tour, starting on May 10, can be partly attributed her fan’s (also known as the Beyhive) pent-up desire to attend concerts in person following the pandemic, according to Forbes. 

For context, Beyoncé’s 2014 On the Run tour, performed alongside her husband, Jay-Z, grossed $95 million, Billboard reported; her Formation World Tour netted $256 million in 2016, according to Complex; and the 2018 On the Run II tour generated $254 million, according to Forbes.

Forbes predicts that the tour could bring in around 2.4 billion dollars solely from ticket sales by September. This takes it above the magazine’s current highest prediction for tour sales, which is 2.4 billion for Taylor Swift’s ongoing Eras tour.

They suggested that such optimistic predictions for tour sales are due to the desire to attend concerts in person following the Covid-19 pandemic which saw everyone quarantined in their homes to avoid catching the virus.

The tour is named after her highly successful recent album with the shows aiding college and university students in around ten cities with scholarship funds.

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