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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Savannah James is the cover star of the May/June issue of The Cut

Savannah James covers the May/June issue of The Cut.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023, was technically NBA star and Los Angeles Laker LeBron James’s night. Late in the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder, James recorded his 38,388th career point—the most in league history, surpassing a record Kareem Abdul-Jabbar held for over four decades. All eyes were on King James. That is, until his high school sweetheart and wife Savannah James appeared before the cameras. 

What’s a typical day like for you? Is there such a thing as a typical day in the James household?

You know what? There is. We really thrive in our routine. Everyone: LeBron, Bronny, Bryce, Zhuri. I get up, and I usually take Zhuri to school. I don’t like to work out in the morning just because I don’t like to wake up to work out. But I do like to get it done at some point during the day. I find time to eat for the most part. I’ve been juicing; I do intermittent fasting.

Bronny is of age, so he drives to practice, and Zhuri, with her volleyball, only practices on Fridays and Sundays. She dances at school, and I have help with her from our nanny, Courtney. By the time everyone is home, we’re all chilling; we’ll have dinner, we’ll watch a movie. We love horror movies as a family.

When Savannah met her would-be husband, she was a softball player and cheerleader, and LeBron James was a junior at a rival high school. When you hear their origin story, it makes sense that she has been hesitant to step into the spotlight — after all, she had no idea that falling in love with the boy who was thoughtful enough to bring her the Outback Steakhouse leftovers she’d accidentally left behind on their first date in 2002 would lead to the life she lives today. This year will mark 10 years of marriage for the couple, and 22 together overall. Sustaining a relationship for that long is a rare feat in a league constantly riddled with cheating rumors, but Mrs. James has never once felt the need to address gossip publicly. In fact, the 36-year-old does her best to avoid internet comments altogether.

“That is going to put you in a rabbit hole that you don’t want to be in,” she says. Instead, she puts that energy into self-care, protecting her peace, letting herself have fun with “new experiences” in the limelight, and evolving her personal style — as evidenced by her beige waist-length Prada jacket paired with a black Prada bucket hat atop what the TikTok girlies would call a “22-inch bust-down,” middle-part blonde wavy unit with brown lowlights in the back. But perhaps the most positive reflection of the work James has done to embrace her inner light is the custom gold-and-diamond chain necklace plated with each of her children’s names, a fly nod to the position she holds most dear.

Photos of Mrs. James, beaming with pride and dressed in a cream pinstripe suit, soon flooded social media. And amid the countless comments congratulating her husband, a chorus of praise was heaped upon her—both for her unwavering support and poised demeanor, but also for her stunning mane of blonde hair, parted deep at the side and cascading to her elbows with a few soft waves. A month later, James and her honeyed bombshell waves inspired similar awe above a custom white mermaid gown by Sergio Hudson (who dubbed James his “new muse”) at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

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