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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Seth MacFarlane quits “Family Guy” amid Hollywood writers strike

Seth MacFarlane quits “Family Guy” amid Hollywood writers strike.

“Family Guy” and “American Dad!” creator and star Seth MacFarlane has called it quits amid the ongoing, contentious Hollywood writers’ strike.

The 49-year-old and his showrunners — Brian Boyle, Matt Weitzman, Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin — walked out in support of the ongoing Writers Guild of America work stoppage, Deadline recently reported. 

MacFarlane — who has voiced “Family Guy” characters including Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin, and “American Dad!” lead Stan Smith — reportedly has no plans to return until an agreement between the WGA and his studio, 20th Television, is reached.

“Family Guy” wrapped up its 21st season on Fox on May 7; however, MacFarlane’s popular “American Dad!” is two months into its 20th season, which premiered Mar. 27 on TBS.

The latter has three months of scripts and voiceovers already in the can, according to Deadline, and the studio would need to devise a plan for moving forward with the rest of the season.

Multiple Emmy winner MacFarlane, American Dad’s Brian Boyle and Matt Weitzman and Family Guy’s Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin made it clear to 20th Television this week that none of them will be working on the respective series as long as the WGA remains on strike.

Putting his feet where his money is, the creator and voiceover star of Family Guy and co-creator and voiceover star of American Dad, MacFarlane has been seen on the picket lines since talks broke down with the AMPTP and the guild went on strike on May 2. His appearance with fellow WGA members and his walking off the two shows should be no big surprise, as MacFarlane was a big advocate for the WGA holding strong during the last strike of 2007-2008.

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