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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Terry Crews gets 93% votes on Elon Musk's poll to play role of Snow White

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Terry Crews gets 93% votes on Elon Musk's poll to play role of Snow White. (Read More Here).

Information reads: "I can't believe 6-7% of voters don't want Terry Crews as Snow White."

Famed Twitter CEO and emerald mine profiteer Elon Musk has been on his usual meme-sharing schedule this week, dropping a number of images and videos via his Twitter feed ranging from the groan-worthy and cringe to the genuinely funny and thought-provoking. One such tweet displays a recent poll asking who fans would like to see portraying Snow White in future adaptations of the character, with Ana De Armas, Rachel Zegler, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, and Terry Crews filling out the potential options. To great humorous effect, Terry Crews has the support of over 93 percent of the voting public, leaving the remaining candidates left with only 6 percent spread out between them.

Obviously, part of the reason the general public selected Terry Crews for this role is due to his physical incongruities with the character of Snow White. Throughout most iterations of the character, Snow White is a small-framed, young, white little girl, described as having black hair, red lips, and skin as white as snow by the magical mirror on her wall. Terry Crews, by comparison, is a hulking 6″2′, 245-pound, bald black gentleman best known for his work in a number of hyper-masculine roles.

Crews received a whopping 92% of votes in the poll, while Gadot, Armas and Ziegler got 3, 2 and 1% votes respectively. The poll also gave birth to some hilarious memes. A twitter user wrote, “I would definitely pay to see Terry Crews play Snow White. He could pull it off.” Meanwhile, another user gave their approval saying, “imagine thinking terry crews as snow white wouldn’t be a license to print money.”

Terry Crews should play the live action Disney Princess Snow White, at least that is what an image of a public poll posted on Twitter by Elon Musk suggests. The image shows four options, including actresses Gal Gadot, Ana de Armas and Rachel Ziegler and Brooklyn 99 star Terry Crews, with the question Who should play Snow White.

However, not everyone was fan of this kind of humor. A twitter user expressed their offence, saying, “‘terry crews is snow white’ is a lazy c*m*o*n bit that would probably get a few chuckles from me but when the admin of twitter does it any potential humor or catharsis is sucked out of it, and all that is left is the richest man in the world’s acerbic racism and misogyny.”

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