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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Twitter influencer says Jericho lyrics by Iniko sounds like it was written by Lucifer

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Twitter influencer has said Jericho lyrics by Iniko sounds like it was written by Lucifer. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, popular South African influencer, Mr Black, said Jericho by Iniko is written by the devil. 

He wrote: "Why does these lyrics sound like Lucifer wrote them?" 

Lyrics of Jericho:

I'm high
I'm from outer space
I got Milky way for blood, evolution in my vein
I'm gone
I've been far away, I'mma lumineer now, I make moves start waves
I've been dreaming about flying for a long time
I had a vision from the graves they wanna co-sign
Artificially intelligent New-AI
I'm your future past and present, I'm the fine line

Yeah, I'm a missing link of this illusion
I am not really here, I'm an intrusion
I don't swim or sink, I just float
I don't need gravity, I just need growth, (woah)

When I move it's an earthquake rumble
I will never ever fall, never stumble
And I don't need to be humble
Break down walls like Jericho crumble

I can go higher
Past the stratosphere, I can catch fire
I can go hard, I don't even need to try, yeah
Starblood, I don't ever get tired
Predestined written in stone
I feel it coming in, I feel it in my bones
Heavily protected never alone
Tapped in, I'm connected to the unknown, (woah, woah)

Reactions below:

Michael: This is actually how you write lyrics.
It's supposed to be Poetic, meaningful, twistable, and flowable.
If Lucifer wrote this, then he's a damn good lyricist. I mean, compare to modern rappers who talk about sex, drugs, girls, cars & their kitty, this is better.
Anyways 🙃.

Cynthia: Artist: makes a great wordplay and scheme on Physics.
Mr Black: Lucifer wrote the lyrics.
It’s not hard to imagine how men used to burn knowledgeable women to death in the dark ages for being “witches”.

Patrick: The first time I heard the song, I felt it in my spine that this song has an astra history that it's outer space, I told my friend he said he said it's just inspiration, I said nah, this is something else.

Eminem: The lyrics seem to be about being immortal and untethered to the restraints of the world. Not Christian related but more Buddhist and Daoism related. Like it’s her saying she’s bigger than the rules of reality… essentially saying she’s not hampered by the rules the world makes.

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