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Thursday, May 25, 2023

VIDEO: Actress, Jenna Ortega, seen smoking a cigarette

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Actress, Jenna Ortega, seen smoking cigarette.

Yesterday, Twitter was ablaze with a fresh controversy centering around Hollywood’s emerging star, Jenna Ortega. The 20-year-old actress, known for her portrayal of a teenage gothic high school girl in the smash-hit Netflix series ‘Wednesday’, was captured in a video that has since gone viral, doing something that left many of her fans and viewers surprised: smoking.

According to outlets like Gossip Bae, the video in question places Jenna in Notting Hill, London where she was spotted having a mid-day outing with fellow actress Gideon Adlon. Jenna and Gideon were recorded spending time with each other over beverages. Amidst the same outing, Jenna was supposedly caught smoking something in the middle of her lengthy conversation with Gideon. Many believe her to have been smoking a cigarette, and there is even footage of her sharing it with Gideon.

Already, public opinion is divided over the image of Jenna Ortega smoking. Some folks actually believe that she looks cooler with a cigarette while others are completely opposed to it.

However, the cigarette in her hand has proved to be the most shocking element of this tableau, sparking heated debates across the Twitterverse. Despite being legally old enough to smoke, her public persona of youthful innocence has made the sight of her partaking in the adult act quite jarring to some.

Her starring role in Tim Burton's re-centered adaptation of The Addams Family propelled her to global popularity, which played no small part in her appearance in the hotly-anticipated Scream VI, which premiered in theaters on March 10, 2023. With future seasons of Wednesday coming down the pipeline and a starring role in the upcoming Beetlejuice 2, all eyes are on Jenna Ortega on both the screen and IRL. However, she may have been recently caught smoking in a Twitter video that's gone viral.

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