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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

VIDEO: IShowSpeed accidentally purchased a Fedora on Roblox thats worth $125,000 (14 million robux)

IShowSpeed accidentally bought a USD $125,000 (AUD $188,060) a virtual fedora on Roblox.

In a hilarious turn of events, the well-known YouTuber was seen realising a Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora, a limited item on Roblox, was all his for a cool for 14 million Robux.

The jaw-dropping moment was captured on film, with the 18-year-old repeatedly yelling 'no' and 'I need a refund'.

During a stream, a viewer goaded Speed into checking out the fedora on his Discord while he was checking out expensive Roblox items. 

Seeing the price, Speed decided it would be funny to bait his viewers into thinking he was going to purchase the fedora but back out at the confirmation screen.

However, he did not realize what he was about to click on was the confirmation button, and unwittingly made one of the most expensive fedora purchases at 14,000,000 Robux. This barely reaches the most expensive fedora at 15,000,000 Robux a piece. It comes after a 10-year-old child made around AUD $4,676 (£2,500) of Roblox purchases from her mother's account.

BBC News reported that the children changed the password on her iPad without her mum's knowledge.

Georgina Munday, from Denbighshire, has warned other parents to 'be vigilant' regarding their children's online activity.

The blunder had many in stitches, as one user wrote: "NO WAY LMAOOO."

Another commented: "Holy f**k bro became one of the richest robloxians by value just by buying this."

A third said: "Me when I f**k around just to see the total on Shein and it goes through instead."

To the layman, seeing a Roblox fedora selling for thousands of dollars is absurd. However, those who know the massive history of fedora’s and its exclusivity would know how much of a statement certain ones are. 

Infamously, the Classic Roblox Fedora, the first fedora added to the game, sells for thousands in the resale market. Hats and fedoras like it sell for thousands due to the exclusivity and amount that was ever released. 

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