VIDEO: Lady Gaga acknowledged Nicki Minaj for first time as she vibed to 'Princess Diana' by Ice Spice on TikTok KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, May 18, 2023

VIDEO: Lady Gaga acknowledged Nicki Minaj for first time as she vibed to 'Princess Diana' by Ice Spice on TikTok

Lady Gaga acknowledged Nicki Minaj for first time as she danced to 'Princess Diana' by Ice Spice on TikTok.

This comes just days after she hit headlines for communicating with Prince William via FaceTime to discuss the Heads Together campaign to raise awareness about mental health.

The track, which courted controversy when unveiled at an Australian gig four years ago, also references The People’s Princess’ well-documented eating disorder and tragic 1997 death in a car crash while surrounded by paparazzi in Paris.

Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes critic Erik Davis called Lady Gaga and Jared Leto 'incredible'. "Gucci! #HouseOfGucci has a definite Godfather vibe, rich w/ family betrayal, transformative performances, lots of backstabbing & it’s definitely more serious than it is campy. Lady Gaga is incredible, as is Jared Leto, and the story is wild! The attention to detail is impeccable,” he tweeted.

Entertainment Weekly writer Joey Nolfi compared the film to a 'juicy caviar camp'. "House of Gucci = juicy caviar camp, an absurdly enjoyable Italian soap opera where Bald Jared Leto pisses on a Gucci scarf. It ultimately eases on its gas to a fault, but Lady Gaga's earnest, ferocious performance completes her evolution from movie star to mighty dramatic actr├ęss," tweeted Joey.

Singer-actress Lady Gaga dubbed the late Princess Diana ‘just another dead blonde’ among lyrics about eating disorders and suicide in a track.

Lady Gaga was heard to make a slur about Princess Diana in her 2013 track “Princess die”, reports

Scott Menzel, the founder of We Live Entertainment, called the film 'bloated' but lauded Al Pacino. "House of Gucci is a bloated & uneven mess that feels like two different movies rolled in one. Every single cast member acts as though they are in a different movie except for Al Pacino, who seems to have understood the assignment and serves as the film’s MVP. #HouseofGucci," he tweeted.

LA Times critic Katie Walsh praised Lady Gaga. "Lady Gaga's performance in HOUSE OF GUCCI is this alchemy of sheer charisma and presence, power of personality, and commitment to the bit. The way she stares daggers at everyone on screen is terrifying. The more I think about it, the more Patrizia is a true horror villain," tweeted Katie.

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