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Friday, May 26, 2023

VIDEO: Transgender beaten and pepper sprayed by Italian police for threatening to infect people with HIV in Milan, Italy

Four police officers subdued a trans-identified male this week after he allegedly exhibited a disturbed outburst in front of a public school in Milan, Italy. (Read More Here).

Trans activists are now calling the arrest “transphobic,” and claiming police used undue force on an “unarmed trans woman.”

This incident took place in Milan, Italy on May 24. The transgender individual being subdued by police had been reported after exposing his penis to school children and threatening to infect people with HIV. He then violently attempted to evade arrest.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning just as children entered the Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole, a primary school near Trotter Park. The trans-identified male, who is reported to be a Brazilian national, reportedly exposed his genitals in front of the children as they filed in for class. The man, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, is reported to be without Italian residency.

Police were called to the scene at approximately 8:15 am, and arrived with ambulance support. Officers were quickly able to apprehend the man and placed him in a police vehicle with the intention of driving him to the nearby station. While in the car, the Brazilian reportedly attempted to self-harm with hair pins in an effort to cause himself to bleed, claiming he wanted to “infect everyone” with HIV/AIDS.

The transport didn’t make it very far before police stopped the vehicle after seeing the trans-identified male “collapse” in the backseat. TG LA7 reported that the concerned officers exited the car and opened the rear doors to check on the suspect, but were violently attacked in response. 

According to what was reconstructed by Il Giorno, it all started in via Giacosa, near the Trotter school, in the minutes in which the children were entering for the start of lessons: some parents reported the presence of a woman - Brazilian transsexual - harassing , who stripped naked in the middle of the street and shouted threatening nonsense phrases, also preventing two Amsa employees from cleaning the area.

At that point, the first cast iron patrol requested the help of another crew: "I'm infecting you, I have AIDS", he started shouting at the agents. The trans, in an evident state of psychophysical alteration , was contained with difficulty by the agents; An ambulance also arrived at the scene, but the doctors were unable to visit her due to her state of agitation.

At that point, she was put in the car to be accompanied to via Custodi, to the central arrest and detention office of the local police, with another support patrol. On the way, she began butting heads, injuring her head, and she attempted to injure herself with hair tweezers.

In the Tibaldi area, a few hundred meters from via Custodi, the police saw her collapse on the back seats and stopped the march in via Castelbarco to check her condition. As soon as one of the two cast irons opened the rear right door, the trans, which evidently had simulated an illness, gave a violent kick and went out; she found herself in front of the other officer and kicked him in the leg.

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