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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Carly and Freddie have finally become a couple

Carly and Freddie have finally become a couple.

It's taken 15 years for them to finally get together," Cosgrove tells EW. "I think that it makes a lot of sense for both of the characters. And if it were real life, I could see it actually taking this long because it feels like every time one of them likes the other, it's not the right moment or it's not for the right reason, and now it finally is."

On Thursday's episode of iCarly, on-again, off-again besties Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) and Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) finally confessed their feelings for each other. Granted, Freddie's made his intentions clear since the first episode of the original 2007 Nickelodeon series, but for Carly it's been a long and storied trek to realize she felt the same.

The fancy motion poster starts off with Carly and Freddie’s texting tread asking each other if they should reveal the big news. When they do fireworks rightfully light up the skies which lead into the new couple holding hands on a boardwalk. The usual iCarly chaos is happening behind them with Spencer (Jerry Trainor) shouting at them, Harper (Laci Mosley) trying to get a picture of Creddie, and Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett) lighting off a sparkler. The caption caps off the momentous occasion saying, “It’s been more than a decade and #Creddie is finally official. 

One of the best shows on Paramount+ over the last couple of years has been iCarly. The reboot to the hit Nickelodeon series starring Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress just premiered its third season on the streamer. Every piece of marketing this season has been based around Carly Shay finally getting together with her on and off again love interest Freddie Benson. Well in the latest episode “iMake New Memories” iCarly finally made #Creddie official. After more than 15 years of waiting, Carly and Freddie are a couple with a new emotionally satisfying poster confirming it.

"It wasn't in the script at all," she explains. "We did it in one take the very last time and we were both really unsure about it. Some of the writers came over and they were like, 'We have this idea, it might be too much, but just give it a shot for one take.' And so many times we do things and it doesn't end up on the show or we'll improvise. So you never know what's gonna end up in there. That's what makes it fun and exciting. When we were filming the scene, we were both like, we don't know if this is gonna work, but we'll try it. And it ended up being the last line of the episode."

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