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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

DOCUMENT: Judge Aileen Cannon signs court order listing August 14 trial date in USA v. Donald Trump In Fort Pierce, Florida

Judge Aileen Cannon signs court order listing August 14 trial date in USA v. Donald Trump, In Fort Pierce, Florida.


This case is hereby set for a Criminal Jury Trial during the two-week period commencing
August 14, 2023, or as soon thereafter as the case may be called. A Calendar Call will be held at 1:45 p.m. on August 8, 2023. All hearings will be held at Alto Lee Adams, Sr. United States
Courthouse, 101 South U.S. Highway 1, Courtroom 4008, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950, with modifications to be made as necessary as this matter proceeds. Any testing of electronic equipment
to be used at trial must take place at the Calendar Call. To that end, the parties are directed to bring to the Calendar Call any equipment intended for use at trial. All pre-trial motions and motions in limine must be filed by July 24, 2023. Absent leave of Court, each party is limited to
filing one motion in limine; if there is more than one Defendant, Defendants shall file a combined motion unless a clear conflict of position exists, in which case the parties shall explain that conflict
in their individual motions. Motions in limine may not, without leave of the Court, exceed the

1 Defendant Waltine Nauta is scheduled to be arraigned on June 27, 2023 [ECF No. 18]. Order
setting trial to follow.

page limits allowed by the Rules, and they must state with particularity the evidence at issue and
the legal and factual basis relevant to disposition of the motion.
It is further ORDERED as follows:
1. All requests for Writs ad Testificandum must be filed no later than 14 business days prior
to the first day of the scheduled trial period.
2. In accordance with Local Rule 88.5, the parties shall file speedy trial reports every
twenty-one (21) days following entry of this Order until the time of trial or plea.

3. All responses pursuant to the Standing Discovery Order and/or Local Rule 88.10 shall be provided in a timely fashion in accordance with the dates scheduled by the magistrate judge. Noncompliance with the Standing Discovery Order, the Local Rules, or the FederalvRules of Criminal Procedure may result in sanctions. Any notice submitted pursuant to Federal Rule of Evidence 404(b) must be filed as a motion—not as a notice—and must identify with particularity the evidence to be introduced and the factual and legal
basis supporting admission. Responses to such motions are due in accordance with the standard timing requirements set forth in Local Rule 7.1(c).
4. To the extent required by Local Rule 88.9(a), all motions shall be accompanied by a written statement certifying that counsel for the moving party has conferred with opposing counsel in a good faith effort to resolve by agreement the subject matter of the motion.
5. Counsel shall be prepared to conduct limited voir dire following the Court’s questioning of the panel. Prior to Calendar Call, each party may file no more than 10 proposed voir dire questions (including any sub-parts) for the Court to consider asking of the venire. The Court will not permit the backstriking of jurors.

Prior to calendar call, the parties shall submit, in Word format, via e-mail to
[email protected], proposed jury instructions, including substantive charges and
defenses, and a proposed verdict form. For instructions on filing proposed documents,
please see Although the parties need not agree on each
proposed instruction, the parties shall submit their proposed jury instructions and
verdict form jointly, and every instruction must be supported by citation to authority.
Where the parties do not agree on a proposed instruction, the instruction shall be set forth
in bold type. Instructions proposed only by the Government shall be underlined.
Instructions proposed solely by the defense shall be italicized. Furthermore, the parties
should identify, as to each proposed jury instruction, whether the proposed language
conforms to the Eleventh Circuit Pattern Jury Instructions. If a proposed instruction
deviates from the Pattern Jury Instructions in any respect, such alteration should be
made clear in the filing with a supporting explanation. To access the latest changes to
the Eleventh Circuit’s Pattern Jury Instructions, please see
7. Prior to the Calendar Call, all counsel shall file lists of proposed witnesses and/or exhibits to be presented at trial. All exhibits to be offered into evidence must be re-labeled in accordance with the proposed exhibit list. (Government exhibits are to be designated as GX1, GX2, etc.; defense exhibits as DX1, DX2, etc.). Counsel should take care to ensure that exhibits are not compound—that is, that each document, to the extent
practicable, is identified and marked individually.

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