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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Friend says AVBOB dropped McKaiser’s coffin

Friend says AVBOB dropped McKaiser’s coffin

A friend who attended Eusebius McKaiser ’s funeral has put ‘Avbob’ employees on blast for allegedly dropping the late author’s coffin.

Friends and family came in numbers to bid the late political analyst their final goodbyes at the Settlers Monument on Saturday, 10 June. One of the attendees, Scott Burnett on Facebook opened up about the incompetence of Avbob employees and how they dropped McKaiser’s coffin.

“When the pallbearers tried to get the coffin to fit onto the graveside scaffolding they realised that it was not made to the correct measure. They struggled for ages to place it squarely in place. It then became clear that one of the cables was not strong enough to hold the weight of the coffin, and a replacement had to be found. Graveside personnel scurried around in confusion,” Burnett wrote.

“When the coffin was finally in place, we breathed a sign of relief. The calm did not last long, however, as the replacement cable failed, sending UB [Eusebius], his coffin, the scaffolding, and some of the flowers tumbling six feet down into the grave, where they landed with an almighty crash,” he added.

Friends and family who gathered around the grave were said to have frantically scrabbled the detritus from the coffin.

“Laying down in the dirt in their mourning clothes, hands stretched down into the grave,” Burnett recalled. 

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