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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Geraldo Rivera BOOTED off 'The Five' on Fox News

Geraldo Rivera BOOTED off 'The Five' on Fox News.

FOX News has booted longtime correspondent Geraldo Rivera from The Five following a number of on-air disagreements between him and co-hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld.

Rivera, 79, who has been a staple of FOX News since 2001, announced his sudden ouster on Twitter Wednesday morning, writing: 'It's official, I'm off The Five. My last scheduled show appearances are Thursday and Friday June 29th and 30th.

While a Fox News insider at the time speculated to The Daily Beast that Rivera’s frequent clashes with Gutfeld may have played a role in Rivera’s reduced appearances, other network sources stated that Rivera hadn’t been on the show’s calendar in the first place.

Early last year, alongside Fox News contributors Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford Jr., Rivera was named one of the rotating “liberal” co-hosts of The Five. The trio was tapped to take over for longtime panelist Juan Williams, who had vacated the liberal seat months before. Sources told The Daily Beast that Gutfeld, who regularly engaged in heated on-air arguments with Williams, had pushed the progressive commentator of the show.

Rivera will continue to serve as a Correspondent at Large, he said. 

He had been one of the rotating 'liberal' co-hosts on the panel show since January 2022, sharing his role with commentator Jessica Tarlov and former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford. 

The three would take turns sparring with their more conservative colleagues, including Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld.

But last month, Rivera claimed on Twitter that his scheduled appearances on the show had been canceled. “It’s been a great run and I appreciate having had the opportunity. Being odd man out isn’t always easy. For the time being, I’m still Correspondent at Large,” he ominously added.

Rivera’s announcement that he’s been booted from the late-afternoon panel show comes a month after he took to Twitter to grumble that his appearances on The Five had begun to dry up.

In early May, he complained that he’d “been canceled” from upcoming broadcasts of the program, adding that he was “sure there’s a good reason” before noting that he’d be back later in the month. The alleged cancellations came after his The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld, whom Rivera has frequently run afoul of, mocked the veteran Fox personality for criticizing Tucker Carlson following the network’s firing of the right-wing star.

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