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Friday, June 9, 2023

Kim Kardashian says she Is a “Lights-Off Girl” in the bedroom

Kim Kardashian says she Is a “Lights-Off Girl” in the bedroom.

Kim Kardashian may have graced magazine covers in the buff, but according to the reality star, she’s a lot more bashful in the bedroom. 

On Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” the Skims founder told Scott Disick that she’s a “lights off” kind of woman when it comes to fooling around.  While chatting with her former brother-in-law, after the pals met up for dinner, about how they’re both currently single, Disick said he’d like to see the 42-year-old date an “older Italian businessman,” to which she replied: “I don’t like the old thing, but I don’t like the really young thing either.”

The pair then brought up the 40-year age gap between Cher and her former beau Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, which Scott called “the best thing I’ve ever seen.” 

Kardashian then admitted, “I would just be insecure” about such a big age gap.  In a confessional segment, a producer of The Kardashians asked Kim if she preferred having the lights off during sex. In reply, she answered, “Kind of, yeah.” She says she finds it strange that she can confidently walk out in a revealing outfit during a photo shoot. In those situations, there will almost always be a large crew present. However, when it comes time to be intimate with someone, she would feel self-conscious. As such, she said she would prefer the lights to be turned off. The episode ends with the question posed to viewers. “Lights on or off?” it asks with a lightbulb and eyes emoji.

During another dinner conversation with Scott Disick in a preview from last week, Kim Kardashian mentions that her friends wanted her to meet someone. Disick jokingly refers to the person as “Fred” and asks if he meets her standards. The preview then cuts to Kim texting during a solo confessional, while the audio plays the words “oh, he meets the standards” over the footage. Unfortunately, this is all the information provided about Kim’s potential new man. Episode 2 of the show, which aired last week, focused on Kim’s life after her separation from Kanye West. It would appear that his may set up a contrast between Kanye and the mysterious new man in Episode 3.

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