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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Lauren Boebert has said she's being 'directed' by 'God' to impeach Joe Biden

Right Wing Watch first reported Boebert's Tuesday interview on the Victory Channel's Flashpoint program. The interview came just hours after Boebert introduced her impeachment effort.

"All glory to God," Boebert explained. "This is grace. This is God's empowerment and His ability and staying grounded, rooted in the Word of God, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

MAGA Rep. Lauren Boebert permanently locks in a place of humiliation for herself in the history books by forcibly introducing doomed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.

Since there aren't any genuine "crimes and misdemeanors" to impeach him for, Boebert has pathetically landed on his handling of the immigration along the Mexican border as her reason.

"President Biden’s negligence of duty has resulted in the surrender of operational control of the border to the complete and total control of foreign criminal cartels putting the lives of American citizens in jeopardy," lied Boebert on the House floor.

Fear-mongering about immigration might work on brainwashed Fox News voters, but in the real world where the rest of us live Biden has done an infinitely better job along the border than Trump, a man who cruelly separated families and wasted money on chunks of a border wall that was never finished.

Boebert stated that she will attempt to use a "privileged motion" to force the vote. Democrats are moving to block the vote, but even if they don't it's unlikely enough Republicans will sign onto the impeachment.

Impeaching a president for made up reasons like this is vastly different from impeaching Donald Trump for blatant, provable crimes. Even the most cynical of Republicans know how bad it would look for them if this impeachment vote passed.

"And I am directed and led by Him," she added. "You know, there was pressure for me not to introduce the articles of impeachment tonight, well, not introduce them, but to bring them up and call them for a vote."

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