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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Streamer, Ryiino, was banned from Kick for soliciting photos from a minor

Streamer Ryiino was banned from Kick for soliciting photos from a minor.

Many stories of grooming and solicitation of explicit imagery have emerged recently. While brave victims speak out on social media, some are unduly ridiculed for not providing evidence. However, @SkipToLauren brought all the receipts down to PayPal transaction screenshots of Ryiino sending her money in exchange for a promise to send him explicit pictures.

On June 11, Twitter user SkipToLauren accused Ryiino of sending her inappropriate messages despite her only being 17 years old. A day later, Ryiino later admitted he “made a horrible mistake” and apologized.

Lauren received praise for having the bravery to call out Ryiino, and Team Limit has since dropped the streamer.

Now Kick has also taken action, banning Ryiino from streaming on its platform. Ryiino, who was also a streamer on Twitch, has been banned from Kick after he admitted to sending inappropriate messages soliciting explicit images from a 17-year-old.

Kick’s announcement that Ryiino has been banned was shared by platform affiliate Clutch Lux. The ban was verified on June 13, two days after Ryiino was initially accused.

Lux tweeted: “@KickStreaming has officially removed Ryiino from the platform after being exposed earlier this week for sending, soliciting, and paying for sexual photos of an underage minor.”

What makes the interaction even more appalling is that SkipToLauren made it clear she is a m**or right at the beginning. He, on the other hand, is nearly double her age.

With the tweet gaining traction on social media, many have shared their support for the victim in the replies and commended her for outing the abusive streamer. Many felt sorry that so many young women still have to endure such ordeals in the virtual world.

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