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Monday, July 17, 2023

Dr. Dre says he isn't a fan of most modern Hip Hop music

Dr. Dre says he isn't a fan of most modern Hip Hop music.

“Hip Hop is what it is,” Dre. Dre explained, “Anybody that’s talking about the state of Hip Hop right now, when talking about it from a negative place, sounds like somebody’s f***in’ grandfather.” The artist continued, “This is just what it is. Hip Hop is evolving. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, you know what I’m saying?” “I’m keepin’ it all the way 100 with you,” he added, “Some of this sh*t, most of this sh*t, I don’t like. I don’t listen to a lot of that sh*t. But I’m not hatin’ on it. I’m never gonna hate on it.”

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Dr. Dre recently appeared on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart, where the two of them discussed the current state of hip hop. Dr. Dre revealed that he doesn’t really listen to a majority of modern hip hop music, claiming that he doesn’t like most of it. He went on, however, to say that he doesn’t think people should hate on modern artists.

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